Sunday, January 26, 2014

Getting The Perfect Picture

Hello all and welcome to my first of many photography blogs! When it comes to photography one of the main components is trying to get that perfect photo, I'm going to explain some tactics I find helpful when aiming to get that perfect photo and maybe it will help you guys to get that perfect photo.

When trying to capture the perfect image one thing you want to look for is scaling down the big picture and finding the hidden perfect image.  I know it kinda sounds weird but for instance I really enjoy taking landscape photos and when it comes to me finding that perfect image the main thing I try to avoid is too much going on in the photo because it will cause a distraction to the person viewing the image because they will be too focused on the whole image rather than looking at the one thing you were really trying to capture so it it simple.

Next don't be afraid to set-up a photo because the person viewing the photo won't know you set it up unless you tell them.  For intense I was trying to take a photo of some trees during the fall time because it's beautiful out duh...but taking a picture of tree bunched together doesn't really have a whole lot of meaning behind it so instead I found 3 red leaves and placed them on a tree and came out with this.
Some fall leafs where the main focus is the leafs themselves
leaving  little distraction to the viewer and has a sense of
meaning to the photo. (Taken by Ricky Williams)

So I guess the when it comes to taking the perfect the picture, try to keep it simply and limit the background so there is one focal point the the viewers of the image aren't distracted by anything else and can focus on whatever you were trying to capture. Also don't be afraid to set up an photo, I hope you all enjoyed my first blog interesting and I would love to here what you guys have to say in the comments below if you have any tips of your own! Here is an interesting facebook page showing good vs bad photography check it out! Click Here