Sunday, February 9, 2014

HDR Photography and The Goods and Bads

HDR photography is probably my favorite type of photography to use because I love all the different effects you can get.  For those of you that don't know what HDR is, I will give a quick explanation.  HDR stands for High Dynamic Range and is when a photographer takes up to3 to 5 exposure and gather low light and high light exposures of whatever they were photographing.  Once you have the different exposures you combine them into whatever editing software you have weather it is Photoshop or Photomatix Pro and Lightroom (I prefer Photomatix and Lightroom) and play around with the settings until you have a the picture looking the way you want it.  Here is a before and after of an HDR photo that I download from StuckInCustoms which is a website that has many free HDR tutorials and photos you can download yourself for practice.
Non HDR (By Trey Ratcliff)
HDR (By Trey Ratcliff)
Many people either like or hate the way HDR photography looks, I personally have mixed opinions some people make the photos look terrible and unrealistic but others such as Trey Ratcliff do a great job and making HDR photographs look as real as possible and he really wows his images.  You can judge for yourself by searching HDRphotography on google images to see how some HDRs are so much better than others. 

HDR photography has some positives and negatives to it.  The positives would be that it makes the photo have a wow effect to it and really brings out the colors in the photos. Which is why its called High Dynamic Range because it has a high dynamic range of all things.  The negatives of HDR photography would be a lot of times it can make the photos look unrealistic which is really bad for whoever is trying to enjoy the photo.  another negative would be you have to stick to landscape because anything with motion in a HDR photo will create ghosts so you need to find something that will stay still for 3 to 5 exposures.  To the left I will post some of the HDR photos I have taken myself I hope you all enjoyed reading about HDR photography!
HDR (By Ricky Williams)

HDR (By Ricky Williams)

HDR (By Ricky Williams)

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