Sunday, March 23, 2014

Photography Styles

When it comes to photography there are many different styles or entry points that can be used to attract the viewer to what you want them to focus on.  These consist of simplicity, contrast, balance, framing,  viewpoint, direction of movement, diagonals, and rule of thirds.  I will explain and show examples of the ones I personally like to use the best.

Simplicity is probably if not my favorite to use because I like to keep things rather simple.  When using this you are trying to keep the background of the image uncluttered, this will take out any other distractions.  Simplicity lets you see only the subject you were trying to capture so it only draws the viewer to one specific object.

Framing would be my next favorite to use when shooting photos.  I like to use framing because it is using others objects to frame what you are trying to capture and a lot of times it brings out a cool look or effect to the photo.  I also find framing really fun because it brings a different perspective to the photo.

Lastly I enjoy using viewpoint because being able to view something from a totally different angle gives you a cool idea of lets say what it is like to be a dog or maybe you are even high up like a bird.  Changing viewpoints is just a lot of fun and I highly recommend it to anyone who shoots photography.

This photo is viewpoint but can also pass for simplicity.
It falls under viewpoint because you are looking up at the clock tower.
(Photo by Ricky Williams)

This one falls under framing because I used the
hockey stick to frame the kid.
(Photo by Ricky Williams)

This one would be simplicity because the background is
blurred out just drawing you attention to the pod in the center.
(Photo by Ricky Williams)

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