Sunday, April 6, 2014

Photography Techniques

This entry doesn't really have a set topic, I'm more just going to show some photos I took and explain the technique I was using and what I was trying to get in the image.

In these first two images I was messing around with depth of field, so I was trying to make one object in focus and the rest of the photo blurred.  I really enjoy using this technique because it leaves the viewer thinking whats going on behind the image in focus and I like having that sense of mystery.  This also keeps the photo very simple while you are usually just focused on one item and a lot of times these type of photos come out very nice which I like.
Depth of field (Photo by Ricky Williams)

Depth of field (Photo by Ricky Williams)

These next photos I would say are just me experimenting with different viewpoints.  Viewpoints are fun to mess around with because you get something from a totally different perspective and it is not just the standard straight on shot.  In the first photo it is looking down the railroad track from one of the rails itself.  I really like this photo because it's different to look at a railroad track from that perspective.  The next photo is a up close and angled photo of a stop sign.  I really like the way this on turned out because the sign is cut off a little bit so you don't see the whole thing but it is also at a different angle than just straight on.  

Viewpoint down railroad track (Photo by Ricky Williams)

Viewpoint of stop sign (Photo by Ricky Williams)

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