Monday, April 21, 2014

Textures In Photography

I was actually inspired to try this type of photography after viewing another blog and found out I enjoy this quite a bit.  When I used to take photos I would often think about the big picture instead of the little details of what I was photography.  I found out when photography nature there a lot of cool details we miss out on because we are not looking close enough.

Photo by Ricky Williams
In this first photo instead of taking a picture of a few trees you find cool if you get right up close to it, it brings out so much more of the tree that you had no idea was there.  For instance from a far I thought the dark spots between the bark was just an empty space but to find it was actually a moss filled area made it that much more interesting.  All the different textures going on in this photo is what makes it not so boring.  From the softness of the moss to the rough cracked tree bark all these textures kind of made me realize that every tree is different and the bark of the can resemble to a finger print of a human, they may look similar but when it comes down to the fine details they are completely different.

Photo by Ricky Williams
This next photo was probably my favorite one because it is so simple yet there is still so much going on.  There are just some many different textures and colors going on in this photo it is unbelievable.  I love all the colors from the fungi and the texture it gives to the photo, I also really like the texture of the wood where the bark has broken away from the tree, this might be one of my favorite photos I have ever taken.

Photo by Ricky Williams
The photo of textures I am showing a a simple one of a log.  I liked this one because of the wood grain and how it all kind of flows together. The textures in this photo are pretty great, I like all the different breaks in the wood as well as the knots you can see in the wood.  There are also a few moss spots in this photo which add a nice soft texture to it.

Overall I really enjoyed trying this type of photography out and I encourage anyone who hasn't tried it who loves photography to try it! Because you will be amazed by how many cool things you can find in an object if you just get up close to it.

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