Monday, April 28, 2014

Up up and away

When taking photos I think it is really cool when you look up or down from your perspective.  I like the way it kind of has a mystery feel to it, like it makes you wonder whats at the top or bottom depending if it is out of focus or not.  With the way the weather here has been lately I only have a few good pics of this to show but I hope it still gets the concept across.

Photo by Ricky Williams
This first one is looking down and I wish just the bottom was out of focus instead both the top in bottom but I what I got so we'll have to deal with it.  I like this type of photography because it gives a perspective not usually seen as you are looking down the tree bark.  I also like how this type of photography makes you twist you head to try to straighten out the image, it is kinda distorted and makes you try to guess if the picture is upright or not.

Photo by Ricky Williams
When looking up it is easier to tell what the image is of and it is not as head twisting as when you look down.  But I personally like the way photos look when you look up better because you can make the object seem bigger than it actually is.  Like for example this tree wasn't very tall but when looking up it creates this illusion that the tree is taller than it actually stands which I find really cool.  I also like when the higher you go the more out of focus the image gets it creates a cool mystery affect which I really like.

I encourage anyone to go out there and try something unusual with photography because a lot of times you can create something very unique.

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